🍎 Image of the Week: “Snow White” 🍎


“Courtesy - The showing of politeness in one's attitude and behaviour towards others.” Oxford Dictionary


If I had a dime for every time I’ve been told, “Your work is pretty dark, you know what you should do...” 


My art inspires conversation, which is what every artist wants to achieve. It is something I embrace as a an artist. Over the years, I have had many stimulating and passionate conversations with art collectors, fans, and people who just outright hate my work. People, for the most part, have exhibited a courtesy and curiosity when conversing with me. Though, as the world becomes more “social,” I have noticed this courtesy to be slipping from the conversation of art, and that the curiosity has all but completely morphed into a selfish, I know better mentality. Every art exhibit or art festival in which I participate, I am exposed to people’s unedited thoughts about who they think I am, what my art “should” be about, or what I “should” do next. At the peak of frustration, my husband and I would conduct a little social experiment in which he would pretend to be the artist. People would look at him with respect and admiration. He would be greeted with, “fantastic eye,” and, “unbelievable work,” but he’d never get a single, “should.” Whether this regression in human courtesy is rooted from our present sociological upheaval, people’s sudden unveiled comfort in the voicing of their overt sexism, or both, it is this week’s image, “Snow White,” from the Apple Doll Collection, that kept coming to mind at my last event when every time the words, “you know what you should do,” came out of someone’s mouth. And, so, as a reminder that I am doing exactly what I SHOULD be doing, it’s about time for “Snow White” to make its debut.


I will be including prints from the Apple Doll Collection on my website as part of my new works release in the Fall of 2018, and the original will be available at an October exhibit on the Big Island of Hawaii.


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