Image of the Week: “Drowning the Doll 3” From the Dolls Series


“The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.” Audre Lorde

Spring has always felt like a time wherein anything is possible. The recent March for Our Lives protest hit a major cord with me, and I have been thinking about this new generation of Trail Blazers all week. This generation has been forced to leave behind their innocence of youth far too early so to take on a reality that the adults in the room have failed to address. And, much like Spring, it seemed to happen over night. The reality of why they are marching is disturbing and heavy, yet these "kids" have come together across race, class, geography, and gender to fight for one thing – their lives. And they are doing what in my day we only theorized about.

“Drowning the Doll 1-5” from the Dolls Series was created as a commentary on the death of innocence and the speed at which the line between innocence and reality erodes. “Drowning the Doll 3” is that moment of letting go. It is innocent, disturbing, and beautiful all at once. It is both the embodiment of those marching in the streets, and of Spring, wherein anything is possible.


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