Image of the Week: “Angel 1” From the Dolls Series


Guardian Angel - “A spirit that is thought to watch over and protect a person or place.” Oxford Dictionary

I moved to Hawaii on October 3rd, 2017, from Sonoma County, 6 days before the Tubbs Fire devastated the area. My original plans were to stay until November, but something told me to leave sooner. The early morning that the fires broke, I remember looking at my Facebook feed in disbelief. How did I just escape one of the largest fires in California history? 

On Saturday January 13th, 2018, the Island of Hawaii was issued an emergency alert via cell phones. The text read, “Ballistic Missile Threat Inbound to Hawaii. Seek Immediate Shelter. This is Not a Drill.” I was not prepared to call my kids and say I love you one last time. At that moment thousands of people were saying goodbye to their loved ones. We were collectively living in terror. 38 minutes later another text alert read, “There is no missile threat or danger to the State of Hawaii. Repeat. False Alarm.” 

Image of the Week

“Angel 1”

Angel - “In theology a divine messenger from God...depicted in human form with wings.” Oxford Dictionary 

The Angel photographs 1-5 from the Dolls Series was the moment I started experimenting with a fisheye lens and, from that point forward, I was hooked. The lens lended a surreal, dreamlike diffusion, and the images I took suddenly felt and looked more as how my brain initially imagined the photos. Angels, or messengers from the heavens, are expected to be kind, pure, and beautiful and so are often ascribed to little girls. Disappointed at how humans treat the earth and each other, Angel 1 is an angry messenger. Angel 1 is a warning.

Angel 1 is part 1 of 5 “Angels” recently featured in The Woven Tale Press, Art and Literary Magazine, February 2017 edition.


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